Of diabetes type i and ii cytokines play a role in

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Unformatted text preview: une system cytokines signal the NS • Stress influences behaviors (e.g., smoking, Stress unsafe sex, poor sleep) unsafe Lecture 22 41 Figure 6.5 Effects of long-term stress Figure Effects Lecture 22 43 Stress and Disease • Not all stressed people are ill • Stress effects on health often temporary • Not everyone equally affected by stress – Diathesis-stress model – Some people have permanent Some vulnerabilities (e.g,. genetic, biochemical) to stress stress – Interaction of personal physiology and Interaction stress stress Lecture 22 44 Stress and Disease • Daily hassles associated with tension Daily headaches headaches • Increase in negative events, decrease in Increase positive events predicts cold or flu days later later • People with higher stress and lower social People support more likely to develop symptoms after being injected with cold virus after Lecture 22 45 Stress and Disease • Stress (stressful events, depression, Stress anger, tension, marital conflict) increases risk of unstable chest pain and heart chest attack attack Inflammation and corticoids increase risk Inflammation of coronary artery disease coronary Lecture 22 4...
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