Potential to inform human stress processes cannot

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Unformatted text preview: sues – Life events and daily hassles moderately Life correlated correlated – Paired associate reliability – Test-retest reliability Lecture 22 13 Pros and Cons of Stress Measures Life Events & Daily Hassles • Prediction of health and illness – Possible confound if stress scale itself measures Possible illness, or illness-related stress illness, – Hassles and Uplifts Scale better predictor than Hassles SRRS SRRS Lecture 22 14 Challenges in Stress Research • Animal models have limited potential to Animal inform human stress processes (cannot model cognitive processes) model • Cannot manipulate chronic stress in Cannot experiments experiments • Lab experiments lack generalizability • Measuring stress is stressful (esp. Measuring physiological measures) Lecture 22 15 Stress Sources • Cataclysmic events – Sudden events that occur without warning – Natural disasters – Intentional acts Intentional – Impact modulated by • Distance from the event • Time since the event • Intention of perpetrators (Intentional > Intention Unintentional) Unintentional) Lecture 22 16 Stress Sources • Life events – e.g., loss, failure, interpersonal conflict, e.g., crime crime – Require change or adjustment – Can be positive or negative – May unfold slowly – Impact depends on circumstances Lecture 22 17 Stress Sources • Daily hassles – Urban press linked to increased heart at...
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