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Cognition November 13, 2008 Review for test 2 Questions people ask during review session: How in depth do we need to know Secrets of the Mind? There were 4 cases that we saw: Capgras illusion, epilepsy, phantom limb syndrome, blind sighted visual neglect. We should know about these 4 cases, what they’re about, what are their symptoms, and explanations. Ex. Capgras illusion: what is the illusion that the person has? They think that people/places are imposters. C-Command: What is the notion? It’s like if you were to write on the board a series of letters and if you were to read those letters from left to right, I could ask you a question about the notion of precedence. “Does B precede F?” Yes. Precedence is a relation between those letters/symbols, given that you have one dimension reading of left to right. So you can ask about precedence. You also have that idea of dominance, if you stack things up and say “is this on top of this thing” or “is this on the bottom of this thing.” With c-command, we have an object that looks like a three, defining a relation between the various symbols, and they’re labeled. You can ask if any of them c-command something else. You can
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CognitionNovember13th2008 - Cognition November 13, 2008...

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