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Tyshia Hedgspeth PSYC Recitation #609 STUDY GUIDE Pages 154-158 Hypnosis THEORIES Theories have been developed to explain hypnosis, but still not well understood Most theories attribute hypnotic effects to dramatic role playing or to special, altered state of consciousness (trance). HYPNOSIS AS ROLE PLAYING During hypnosis, a person EEG activity has no change than that of when they are in a normal waking state Hypnosis produces a normal state of consciousness o People act out the role of a hypnotized subject and behave how hypnotized people are supposed to o The subjects’ role produces the hypnotic effects not the trance-like state of consciousness. Evidence o The “seemingly” amazing effects have been duplicated by non-hypnotized subjects or have been exaggerated Ex: Human plank (pg. 154) o Demonstrations that involve hypnotized participants to act out a role Ex: Subjects asked to recall 6yr.old birthday when compared to parents, information was not accurate Role-playing hypnosis leads subjects to be more fanciful than factual HYPNOIS AS AN ALTERED STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS Many theorists still believe that hypnotic effects are attributable to a special, altered state of consciousness. Most impressive research has came from recent brain-imaging studies o Suggested that hypnotized participants experience change in brain activity that appear consistent with hypnosis-induced hallucinations or pain suppression. Most influential explanation of hypnosis as altered state of awareness o Ernest Hilgard Hilgrad believes hypnosis creates a dissociation: (splitting off mental process into two separate, simultaneous streams of awareness.) in consciousness. Theory is that hypnosis splits consciousness in two steams
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PSYC_Study Guide - Tyshia Hedgspeth PSYC Recitation #609...

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