First Exam Notes (ANTH 146)

First Exam Notes - Anthropology FIRST EXAM Tuesday Borroro Review • What does it mean to be a human being Human beings are also birds according

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Unformatted text preview: Anthropology FIRST EXAM Tuesday, August 28, 2007 Borroro Review: • What does it mean to be a human being? Human beings are also birds according to Borroro. People thought they said this because they were uncivilized. • What is it in our way of thinking that makes us think this is so strange? Descartes: • Dualism: When you have 2 things and they exclude each other perfectly. o Its in the culture, you are likely to fall back to this way of thinking • How does Descartes notion of dualism help us to understand why we find it inconceivable to be a bird? • Descartes troubled by the fact that what people think they know is always subject to disagreement by other opinions. He wants something that he can be CERTAIN is true. • He wants to find a method that will allow him to arrive at certainty. • He chooses as his model for reason mathematics • “Completely free to converse with myself about my thoughts” – Descartes in the stove heated room, figuring out his method. o Lots of people putting things together is never as good as a man alone. Many-ness to One-ness. A perfect ego or self focused on his own thoughts I. Four rules to his method (only #1 really matters) • “never to accept anything as true that I did not know plainly is true…That I had no occasion to call it in doubt” (A method of doubt – doubt everything that you can find reason to doubt, then see what’s left) • There is one thing he cannot doubt: he thinks therefore he exists . o “I think, therefore I am. “ – his first principle – he is not necessarily bodily, but he is definitely thinking so he has a mind. o Ego-cogito – the self as thinking “the thinking self” – there must be two kinds of substances, there is thinking stuff and stuff that extends in space, like material stuff. These two substances exclude each other, one you can doubt the other you cannot. o This leads to dualism between subject and object. By saying there is complete division between the two lies a foundation for modern science. • Natural laws – • Proof of God – we are imperfect but perfection you do not doubt perfection, therefore God exists. God created everything; he created the laws and then left the scene. He was a true believer • Page 31 – God ration mechanic building creation as a great machine o If you had monkeys that looked like machines they would be monkeys but if you had a human that was a machine u would know it was fake because 1) they could never use words, especially appropriate words that could be arranged differently and not be predicted. Also 2) they could not act with our instinct? Our spontaneity? Humans are not simply machines like a person cannot simply be a bird on this way of thinking....
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First Exam Notes - Anthropology FIRST EXAM Tuesday Borroro Review • What does it mean to be a human being Human beings are also birds according

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