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Practice Test - The Marine Environment Exam I Practice Test...

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The Marine Environment - Exam I Practice Test 1. The first explorer to lead an expedition which circumnavigated the world was: a. Christopher Columbus. b. James Cook. c. Vasco da Gama. d. Sir Francis Drake. e. Ferdinand Magellan. 2. The Vikings abandoned settlements in Iceland, Greenland, and North America because: a. a cooling climate caused expansion of ice in the North Atlantic. b. agricultural practices were unsuited for the area. c. natives drove them away. d. of a lack of navigational skills. e. of the dominance of the Spanish Armada. 3. The voyage of HMS Challenger provided the first detailed oceanographic study including seawater chemistry observations. (T/F) 4. The deepest point of the ocean is located at Challenger Deep (So named for the vessel who discovered it) in the Mariana Trench in the _______ Ocean. What is its maximum depth? a. Pacific, 5 km b. Indian, 1 km c. Atlantic, 200 km d. Pacific, 11 km 5. Give the approximate percentage of the earth’s surface covered by water: a. 70.1% b. 30.9% c. 90% d. 50% 6. The correct arrangement of astronomical bodies from smallest to largest is: a. galaxy, solar system, planet. b. planet, galaxy, solar system. c. planet, solar system, galaxy. d. solar system, galaxy, planet. e. solar system, planet, galaxy. 7. Scientists believe that the Earth's moon was most likely formed: a. by an asteroid captured by the Earth's gravity. b. by successive contractions of Protoearth due to gravitational forces. c. from a collection of helium and hydrogen gases surrounding Protoearth. d. from nuclear fusion reactions on the Sun. e. when a large body (about the size of Mars) struck the Earth. 8. Radioactive isotopes can sometimes be used to determine the: a. absolute age of the rock. b. chemical composition of the rock. c. formation method. d. metamorphism. e. relative age of the rock. 9. The Earth was formed about _________ years ago a. 100 million b. 4.5 billion
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c. 2 billion d. 4.6 trillion 10. The Continental Drift Theory was proposed by _____________. a. Johann Bernoulli b. Johannes Kepler c. Albert Einstein d. Alfred Wegener 11. Continental crust is _______ dense _________ oceanic crust a. more, than b. less, than c. about as, as 12. All continents fit together with the least number of overlaps and gaps when the continents are matched along: a. contours at around 2000 meters in depth. b.
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Practice Test - The Marine Environment Exam I Practice Test...

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