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Observation Form - Resource Room - Mesa Community College...

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Mesa Community College Course: EDU222 Introduction to the Exceptional Learner Instructor: Mary A. Stewart Observation # 1 2 3 4 Classroom Visit School Thomas J. Pappas Location/Address 1938 East Apache Boulevard, Tempe, AZ Date/Time November 16, 2007 8:00 – 10:00 am Age Group K-6 Adult/Student Ratio 1:7 1) Check One: a) ______ Self-contained special education class b) X Resource program c) ______ Regular classroom, student with IEP d) ______ Other – Explain Below 2) Describe the class/environment. a. The room itself is very small compared to a normal classroom size at Pappas. The sides of the room are covered in shelving with bins for each child’s supplies and cubbies for their backpacks. Another wall is filled with the same shelving with bins for all of the students’ supplies – markers, crayons, glue, dictionaries, games, etc. 3) Would you like to be a student in this classroom? Why? a. Simply because of these children’s circumstances, I would not want to be in this classroom. In order to qualify to attend a Pappas school, your family must be homeless, a situation that no child should have to experience. However, if my circumstances qualified, I would enjoy being in this classroom because it is fun, has boundaries set-up for the kids to stay in for their safety and the benefit of their learning, and is very inviting. 4) Do adults use positive behavioral supports with students? Give examples. a. Yes, there are positive behavioral supports in the classroom. There is a chart on the wall that keeps track of how many books each students has read. When every child in the classroom has each read 50 books, the entire class gets to go on a field trip. Also, if the
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This note was uploaded on 04/30/2008 for the course EDU 222 taught by Professor Stewart during the Fall '07 term at Mesa CC.

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Observation Form - Resource Room - Mesa Community College...

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