Week 4 Lecture Outline (COM 140)

Week 4 Lecture Outline (COM 140) - Outline for Week 4-Media...

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Outline for Week 4-Media and Politics (9/08-9/12) 9/8-Corporations Continued I. Questions for “Outfoxed” Screening -How does the Fox News network promote its ideology to its viewers? What techniques does it use? Why do you think it is so successful? Liberal people are not as loud as the conservative group, graphics floating on the screen, and love for country as a network so therefore going against them you are going against the country. “Fair and Balanced” slogan -How does the network pit conservatives and liberals against eachother? What political views does Fox not represent? What does this have to do with Rupert Murdoch? Liberal voices are a lot less likely to argue against the conservative speaker -How does Fox use fear to increase its ratings? Give some examples. Terrorism, visuals, and other various graphics use to worry the American people - What was Fox’s role in the 2000 presidential elections? Why do you think this did not hurt its ratings? They broke the news early to the country about the results of the election. All the channels broke the news just the same show so more people would watch their channel -How does Fox blend commentary and reporting? They say they are reporting when they are really putting their opinions out there
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Week 4 Lecture Outline (COM 140) - Outline for Week 4-Media...

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