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28 Reading Notes - is just not exactly sure how to share...

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Fortenbery 1 Sam Fortenbery English 2130.103 Ernest J. Gaines A Lesson Before Dying Reading Notes 2/28 2. “paul trying to be hod when he aint like he dont want get too close to me no mo an all the time he is the only one round yer kno how to talk like a youman to people I kno you paul an I kno ole clark an I kno you too shef guiry and you mr picho and mr morgan an all the rest of yall I jus never say non of this befor but I know yall ever las one of yall” (230) - The language Jefferson uses in this entry of his diary adds to the effect of the meaning of this passage. It shows that he is trying his hardest to show everyone what he has learned through and from Grant and this whole experience. This is his best writing and that is all you can ask from him to try his best to get his feelings on paper and try an elaborate his true feelings about the specific subject. This passage illustrates the transformation that Jefferson has gone through and shows he truly does have feelings and
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Unformatted text preview: is just not exactly sure how to share them with everyone. He has a human side and is starting too warm up to Grant and every other person who has shown an interest in him and his well-being. The lesson before dying implied in this passage is that Jefferson has learned to communicate his personal feelings and opinions to the outside world. Since he was six he has been in the fields working and has never had the opportunity to tell his opinion or what he thinks about certain subjects because of his lack of self respect and dignity. He has learned that he can express his feelings and learned how to do that with friends and also people outside his comfort zone. Jefferson realizes people care for him and not just for the fact that he got his work done or something he did for them, but just because of who he is and what he stands for. It was Jeffersons lesson to learn, but he learned it with the help of many people and his own personal experiences....
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