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29 Reading Notes - Fortenbery 1 Sam Fortenbery English...

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Fortenbery 1 Sam Fortenbery English 2120.103 Toni Morrison Beloved Reading Notes 4/29 1. Stamp Paid wonders whether he should have told Paul D about Sethe and her incident in the barn because he feels he has ruined the one good thing that has happened to Sethe in a long time. He feels he owes it to her to not tell Paul D so that they can go on and live happily ever after. - “Had he stopped the one shot she had of the happiness a good man could bring her? Was she vexed by the loss, the free and unasked-for revival of gossip by the man who had helped her cross the river and who was her friend as well as Baby Suggs’?” (199) 2. Stamp Paid hears loud voices and mumbling when he tries to go and talk with Sethe and comfort her. I think the voices he is hearing are the voices from the past parties that took past at 124. - “Over and over again he tried it: made up his mind to visit Sethe; broke through the loud hasty voices to the mumbling beyond it and stopped, trying to figure out what to do at the door.” (203) 3. Sethe realizes who Beloved is after a long night of ice skating on the pond the three girls come back in for hot chocolate and sit in front of the fire. Beloved starts to hum a tune that Sethe only sang for her daughters and that no one else knows. - “I made that song up, said Sethe. I made it up and sang it to my children. Nobody knows that song but me and my children.” (207)
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29 Reading Notes - Fortenbery 1 Sam Fortenbery English...

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