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10 Reading Notes - Fortenbery 1 Sam Fortenbery English...

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Fortenbery 1 Sam Fortenbery English 2120.103 August Wilson “The Piano Lesson” Reading Notes 4/10 3. In African American literature music has been a way of expressing struggle and despair as well as hope and endurance. What is the significance of music in the play especially the song the men remember from Parchman Farm? it is a way for the characters to escape reality - “If he don’t like his job he need to set that bucket down. That’s what they told Lymon. They had Lymon on water and everybody got mad at him cause he was lazy. That water was heavy. They had Lymon down there singing.” (39-40) serves as a connection between different time frames and ages - “Doaker like that part. He like that railroad part. Doaker sound like Tangleye. He can’t sing a lick. Hey, Doaker, they still talk about you down on Parchman. They ask me, “You Doaker Boy’s nephew?” I say, “Yeah me and him is family.” (40) the song about Parchman Farm connects the men together in a specific place and time
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