QuestionsCh32 - CHAPTER 32: Light: Reflection and...

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CHAPTER 32: Light: Reflection and Refraction Answers to Questions ( a ) The Moon would look just like it does now, since the surface is rough. Reflected sunlight is scattered by the surface of the Moon in many directions, making the surface appear white. ( b ) With a polished, mirror-like surface, the Moon would reflect an image of the Sun, the stars and the Earth. The appearance of the Moon would be different as seen from different locations on the Earth. 2. Yes, it would have been possible, although certainly difficult. Several attempts have been made to reenact the event in order to test its feasibility. Two of the successful attempts include a 1975 experiment directed by Greek scientist Dr. Ioannis Sakkas and a 2005 experiment performed by a group of engineering students at MIT. (See for links to both these and other similar experiments.) In both these cases, several individual mirrors operating together simulated a large spherical mirror and were used to ignite a wooden boat. If in fact the story is true, Archimedes would have needed good weather and an enemy fleet that cooperated by staying relatively still while the focused sunlight heated the wood. 3. The focal length of a plane mirror is infinite. The magnification of a plane mirror is 1. 4. The image is real and inverted, because the magnification is negative. The mirror is concave, because convex mirrors can only form virtual images. The image is on the same side of the
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QuestionsCh32 - CHAPTER 32: Light: Reflection and...

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