Graham - The School of Tillers

Graham - The School of Tillers - 66 STUDIES IN CHINESE...

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Unformatted text preview: 66 STUDIES IN CHINESE PHILOSOPHY FINDING LIST BRUCE, J. Percy, Chu Hsi and his Masters, London 1923. CH'EN Ch'i-yu 1't.~1tI:., Han Fei tzu chi-shih ':jH~tf Peking 1958. CHIAO Hsiin ;(?;..{,t, Meng-tzu cheng-yi .i.-tiE.~, Peking 1957. FENG Yu-Ian (~:b:AM, Chung-kuo che-hsueh shih'" II '\""'Jt Commercial Press, 1935. FU Ssu-nien i4AA-Jf-, Hsing-ming ku-hsun pien-ch'eng ,t1:.~~i>II.tIHt (Academia Sinica monograph), Commercial Press 1947. GALL, S. Le, Le Philosophe Tchou Hi (Varietes sinologiques 6) Shanghai 1923. HSO Wei-yii 1f$itl!, Lu-shih ch'un-ch'iuchi-shih g ~Mk~,ff Commercial Press 1935. JU AN Yiian Fitj(., Shih-san-ching chu-su ping chiao-k' an-chi+ _:::.Jl!.il.Jk..9tK-I!h~e" re-set edition of 1887 (Kuang-hsu "=.J,f13) KARLGREN, B. Grammataserica recensa, Stockholm 1957. KUO Ch'ing-fan t~,tt6-, Chuang-tzu chi-shih xl-t~tf, Peking 1961. KUO Mo-jo flIit,*, (I) Ch'ing-t'ung shih-tai-tj'{i'Ja+1-'\. Wen-chih ch'u-pan she izi~ :t:J!U!.,Chungking 1945. (2), with Wen Vi-to r~- ~ and Hsii Wei- yii ~$itl! Kuan-tzu chi-chiao {--t~K, Shanghai 1956. LAU D.C. (I) Theoriesof humannature in Mencius and Shyuntzyy, Bulletin of the Schoolof Oriental and African Studies, London, 15 (1953)/541-565. (2) On Mencius' useof the methodof analogy in argument,Asian Major, London, 10(1963), 173-194. LEGGE James, The ChineseClassics, Hongkong University Press 1960. LIANG Ch'i-hsiung .fl!.Pj;..tji., Hsun-tzuchien-shih i\j-t ,, Peking 1956. LIU P'an-sui f'JD1fi!, Lun-heng chi-chieh ~~~A:I-, Peking 1957. LIU Wen-tien, f1iz.Jl!..Huai-nan hung-lieh chi-shih ijt.tJ~f.:~~,ff Commercial Press 1926. LO Ken-tse JUllif, Kuan-tzu t'an-yuan {--t:/1ti~T'ai-p'ing shu-chii :k.f-liAQ, Hongkong 1966. MOROHASHI Tetsuji -tf~,flt5k, Dai Kan Wa jiten ki1.,""'~.JI!.. Tokyo 1955-60. RICKETT, W. Allyn, Kuan-tzu vol. I, Hongkong University Press 1965. SUN Yi-jang ~til1! Mo-tzu chien-ku ,I.-tMJit (Kuo-hsuehchi-pents'ung-shu 1I*~;f..-J:1i) T'AN Chieh-fu ~i(1fl, Mo-pienfa-wei .J.tJf.1tm:Peking 1964. W ALEY Arthur, Three Ways of Thought in Ancient China, London 1939. WANG Li-ch'ing .1..;jt~ ,Jen neiyi wai shuochiao-ch'uan 1=-r*J JVl-iJl.M11:: K'ung Meng hsueh-pao ;JL.i."'tlt 5(1963)/79-91. YANG Po-chiin ~1fJJot, Lieh-tzu chi-shih ~H~,ff Shanghai 1958. 'J: I~ 'j '< ! THE NUNG-CHIA .t:f,: "SCHOOL OF THE TILLERS" AND THE ORIGINS OF PEASANT UTOPIANISM IN CHINAl ~ 1. Hsii Hsing XX, the Tillers, and the legend of Shen-nung :# J. Among the philosophical schools of ancient China, the Nung-chia "School ofth~ Tillers" is the one of which we know least. The surviving information has been assembled by Feng Yu-Ian (."':b:. fJ!,who identifies it as the one school which reflects the aspirations of the peasants.2 He finds only one recogniz- able spokesman, Hsii Hsing, the teacher of 'the words of Shen-nung' who came with his followers to settle in the small state ofT'eng JIJ,probably about 315B.C.3 A disciple named Ch' en Hsiang I't.;fijvisited Mencius, and we have a report of the conversation from the Confucian...
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Graham - The School of Tillers - 66 STUDIES IN CHINESE...

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