Health and Human Rights

F norman daniels edsl in search of equity health needs

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Unformatted text preview: human rights and dignity must be appreciated. example, poor nutritional status of children can contribute subtly ye importantly to limiting r ealition of the right to education; in general, pe ple who are healthy may f~ be best equipped to participate fully and benefit o d t i r n a ~rom the protections and opportunities inherent in the Internationbl Bill of Human Rights. f Norman Daniels, edsl, In Search of Equity: Health Needs and The Health Care Series in Ethics (New York: Plenum Press, 1983). System, Hastlngs Ce Rights Seriously (Cambridge: Harvard Uaiversity 2. Ronald Dworkin, Press, 1978). Review and the Politics of Public Health," Villanova 3. Scott Burris, Law Review 34 ( 589): 1933; Lawrence Gostin, "The Interconnected Epidemics of Drug and AIDS," Harvard Civil Rights-Cid Liber- k i 9. WHO, Constitution (see note 6). 10. Universal Declarat on of Human Rights, adopted and proclaimed by UN 1 ~b d Thus f q different philosophical and historical rootf, disciplinary differences in language and approach, and practical barriers to collaboration impede recognition of important Linkages between h ealti and human rights. The mutually enriching combination of research, educakion, and field experience will advance understanding and catalyze further a ion around human rights and health. Exploration of the intersection of heal h and human rights may help revitalize the health field as well as contribdte t o broadening human rights thinking and practice. The health and rights perspective offers new avenues for understanding and well-being i n the modern world. 12. WHO, Constitutio ( sq note 6). 13. Emily Friedman, $oney Isn't Everything," Joumnl of the American Medical Association 271;'19/ (1.994): 1535-1538. Ith Association, Control of Communicable Disease in 14. American Public a n , 15th ed. (W xngton, DC: APHA, 1990). 15. International Fede on of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, AIDS, Health and Human Rights: A Manual (chapters2, 3, and 5 this volume). 16. H. J. Geiger and R. Cook-Deegan, "The Role of Physicians in C odicts and Humanitarian Cris s: Case Studies from the Field Missions of Physicians for H m n Rights, 1948-1993,'' loumnl of the A merican Medical Assocaktion 270 ua (1993): 616-620. n Rights, Final Report of U N Commission of Experts. UN 74 (May 27,1994). 9 ' b. 4 I 1191-1194. REFERMCES 1;D. E. Beauchamp, "Injury, Community and the ~dpublic," aw, Medicine and L Health Care 17, no. 1 (Spring 1989): 42-49; Rona4d Bayer, Arthur Caplan, and I 20 Mann et al. 24. J. Epp, Achieving Health for All: A Framework for Health Promotion (Ottawa: Health and Welfare Canada, 1986). 25. K. C. Schoendorf, C. J. Hogue, J. C. Kleinman, and D. Rowley, "Mortality Among Infants of Black as Compared with White College-Educated Parents," New England]oumal of Medicine 326 (1992): 1522-1526. 26. S. Gortmaker, A. Must, J. M, Perrin et al., "Social and Economic Consequences of Overweight in Adolescence and Young Adulthood," New England ] ouml of Medicine 329 (1993): 1008-1012. 27. Ichiro Kawachi et al., "Income Inequality and Life Expectancy: Theory, Research and Policy," Society and Health Working Paper Series May 1994, no. 9 4 2 (Boston: The Health Institute, New England Medical Center and Harvard School of Public Health, 1994). 28. Ottawa Charter (see note 7 ). 29. Global AIDS Policy Coalition, "Towards a New Health Strategy for AIDS: A Report of the Global AIDS Policy Coalition" (Cambridge, MA: Global AIDS Policy Coalition, 1993). 30. Said H. Kapiga et al., "Risk Factors for HIV Infection among Women in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania" ]ournu1 of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 7,3 (1994): 301-309. 31. Jacques du Guerny and Elisabeth Sjoberg, "Interrelationship Between Gender Relations and the HIVIAIDS Epidemic: Some Considerations for Policies and Programmes," AIDS 7 (1993): 1027-1034. 32. Global AIDS Policy Coalition, "Towards a New Health Strategy for AIDS" (see note 29); Jonathan M. Mann, Daniel J. M. Tarantola, and Thomas W. Netter, AIDS in the World (Cambridge: Haward University Press, 1992). Human Rights: An Introduction - 2. International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Franqois-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights ,., - ' . *. . ' I ~ ' r ~ 1 e b ~ a f b & ~ / . L >\ : - . * c md@*htbveb ( + : '6 ' The.medmims o d w w fr &~:ihi~s heV~toh 11, f: ... . . . ,J Ttae m Kq af & .hdnh&na:ede q d Q x !m m@ch&;, and t m ~ V i: ~iat&Bmi-*~dheaIrb i : ,< '. : La ,.k~,~ktzm~~f~~-xs(-~~:are~ tr~ead-ahuman and d kdkd life, H m n m ~ i g b k :mawe the l m ~ :a, mdidbm h t m b-lifcas h k e mpmsible and enable p& live @ bonya d m&tualrespect. .: &aman r igha twe m b d app1.- e q d y t0.d tmpk aremd p &~~id-,+~~fd~&~~~'~~~b&~b~rHu a rt@osf$la r mdonal..level, taking.inro m and c dmm1 hdqgcmnds o w&o.uef a f 22 International Federation of Red Cross et al. Human Rights: An Introduction rights law provides a lesser standard of protection than is required by universal human rights law. Third, following the princip...
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