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The Primitivist

The Primitivist - ~ Webbed toes d 201 1 Webbed toes Webbed...

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1 Webbed toes ~:1 Webbed toes or a sixth finger are issuing from the man's nature, yes! but are superfluous to his powers. An obstinate wart or dangling wen are issuing from the man's body, yes! but are superfluous to his nature. One who goes on inflating and diverging into Goodwill and Duty and assigns functions to them, classifies them as belonging to his Five Organs, yes! but they are not the true course ofthe Way and the Power. To be webbed on the foot, then, is to tack on functionless flesh; to have an offshoot on the hand is to sprout a functionless finger; and to inflate and diverge into webbings and offshoots on the essential Five Organs is, by the excess and aberration of practising Good- will and Duty, to inflate and diverge from the functions of eyesight and hearing. Thus to web the eyesight deranges the Five Colours, vitiates emblems and 'designs by excess, by the dazzle of greens and yellows and multicoloured vestments, do you deny it? - but Li Chu did that. To inflate the hearing deranges the Five Notes, vitiates the Six Pitch-tubes by excess, by instru- ments of bronze and stone and silken strings and bamboo, and the Huang- chung and Ta-lii modes, do you deny it? - but Music-master K'uang did that. Th-g[<?~C;~~\Villas an offshootstret~~~s thep<?\Versaml~iI;x.::ks upour n~tu~~_}n, orger to harvest repute and renown, and make the world celebrate with piPe.and drum,their submission to iriapplicable'laws,~o you deny it? - pufTseng and Shih did that. To diverge intoai~utation balances tile on tile arid ties."tfi~,cord In knots, chiSellmgpnrases'-andnammerlrig-senferices'fo make tneheart stray among questions about 'the hir,<Iand the white', 'the sam.e and the different'" and fatuously adinire useless propOsitions, do you deny'it?:::l;iufyai:tgand Mod.idthat. All these then are Ways which inflate into webbings and diverge into offshoots; they are not the absolutely true course of the world. The man on that absolutely true course does not lose the essentials of our , nature and destiny.~<?Jlisjoin§are,nqL~T.~I,JQj.ng~,J1jsJQrkingsareJlQ!.pJf.: $hoots; the long in him does not constitute a surplus, the short in him does not constitute an insufficiency. Just so, though the duck's legs are short, if you added more on he would worry; though the crane's legs are long, ifyou \ ,\LLi ! ~(Tfli)\[\ , \ *.i '. " "',/' \0t~' ' ~ -',"'" d Webbed toes , 201 lopped some off he would pine. Then what by nature is long is not to be lopp~d off, what by nature is sho~t is not to be added to;. there is nothing to get nd of or to worry over. May I-suggest that Goodwtll and Duty do nof belong to the essentials of man? Why is it that those benevolent people worry so much? Moreover even someone with webbed toes will weep when they are ripped apart; even someone with a sixth finger will scream when it is bitten off. Of the pair of them, one has a surplus in the number, the other an insufficiency; but when it comes to the worrying, they are as one. The benevol~l1t p~°I>le of 't~~!'.e~~~~~ge ge.t.bk~IJ:.:.~.Y~4,w.Q!JYi!lgl!l?<:>~t..~~e.,~ge's troubies"tl1e.~~ev- "alent ,n.e-!iP~!t ,tl1e_e~~~E~)~__Q!'J:hei.!:._g~t~[~-afl9~~s!i.fly~y,gl1!~~QIlY,J)J ~£riours...~I!~.r1~he.,~:,~.<Lfi.1~~~1!g~.! thatJiQ9d..will
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