REgionalism - Tuesday & Thursday, January 22, 2009...

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Unformatted text preview: Tuesday & Thursday, January 22, 2009 Regionalism and Population Distribution Population Distribution (Canada: 33.5 million) PEI: 140, 000 NFLD and Lab: 500, 000 NB: 750,000 NS: 950,000 Sask: 1 million Man: 1.3 million Alta: 3.5 million BC: 4. 5 million Quebec: 7.75 million Ont: 13 million NWT: 43,000 Yukon: 33,000 Nunavut: 31,000 geography produces regionalism Regionalism: A political identity based on a shares sense of place. (Brooks, p.556) Maybe linked to cultural, economic, institutional and historical factors Atlantic Region 1) Oldest European settlements 2) Largely British Isles and French populations from early settlements Tuesday & Thursday, January 22, 2009 3) Early experience with self-government 4) Traditional 2-party systems (Cons & Libs) 5) NS (mother province, senior province, leader) is the wealthiest; NFLD historically least wealthiest province in Atlantic Canada, and across all 10 provinces Nova Scotia First elected legislative body assembled here in 1758 First exercise of responsible government in 1848 The Mother province to PEI and NEW Brunswick-representative government gets to select their representatives, Responsible government the people select representative, send them to a legislature or a place and discuss what the people want, but the people control their own decisions, the representatives have the power to govern for the peoepl About 70% of the population has British ancestry...
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REgionalism - Tuesday & Thursday, January 22, 2009...

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