Pol 1020 Lecture 11

Pol 1020 Lecture 11 - Tuesday, February 10, 2009 Pol 1020...

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009 Pol 1020 Lecture 11 End Federalism, start “Rights and Freedoms,” [The Charter] Why did the US turn to federalism? What are some key differences between federalism in the US and in Canada? Federalism (as it’s used in another sense, federalism in federal provincial relations) Trajectories of Canadian Federalism: a) Quasi-federalism : 1867-1940, central government is bigger and stronger than the provincial governments. Was what federalism was called at one time between federal provincial relations. b) Emergency federalism : Occurred after WW2, the central government took over most of the economic levers in Canada, this belonged to the provinces. For a brief amount of time Canada was almost a unitary state. Control of the Canadian economy was in the hands of the central government to execute the war. c) Co-operative federalism : 1951-1969, federal provincial relations are very harmonious at this time; they are working well together with the limitation held via the constitution. d) Competitive federalism : Ottawa and the provinces are competitive with each other, many provinces and their premiers had good reason to fight with Ottawa and vis versa e) Collaborative Federalism: 1992-2006, era of Paul Martian and Jean Chretien, characteristics; Charlotte town fails, and Canadians are unpleased with their politicians. Expenditures are cut to the provinces, which was angering. Fairly harmonious. f)
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Pol 1020 Lecture 11 - Tuesday, February 10, 2009 Pol 1020...

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