Justifying the State Lecture 5

Justifying the State Lecture 5 - Thursday, September 18,...

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Unformatted text preview: Thursday, September 18, 2008 Justifying the State State of Nature (from last lecture) Political Obligation The Social Contract *** In Locke’s state of nature, the executive power of the law of nature is possessed by: a)each person b)god c)the Sovereign d)the guy with the biggest weapon Rousseau’s Natural Savage-solitary, no language, fears only pain and hunger-desires only food, sex and sleep How Change H appened in the State of Nature-freewill and the capacity for self-improvement -tool-making: human inventions go along with social emotions that have some positive impact but mostly negative-cooperation-leisure, luxury goods, corrupted needs: people have more time on their hands, this is largely negative, we are enslaved by new inventions Further Developments in the State of Nature-language and comparison of talents-agriculture, metallurgy, property, rules of justice, and inequality-all of this leads to the state of war, people are no longer equal, there is greed and competition-the rich devise a brilliant plan: the creation of political constitutions for a way to protect themselves Anarchism-from the aciant Greek: ‘An’ + ‘Archos’: without rulers Thursday, September 18, 2008-we would be better off without, government-cooperat ion is possible amongst people without coercion (forcing people to obey and do...
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Justifying the State Lecture 5 - Thursday, September 18,...

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