Greens and Islam

Greens and Islam - Tuesday, December 02, 2008 Greens,...

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008 Greens, Radical Islam According to animal liberationists, speciesists: a) Follow the argument of Darwins origin of species b) Believe humans are superior to non-humans c) Emphasize the importance of speciation in evolutionary development Greens (continued) Thomas Midgley; came up with idea of putting lead into gasoline and came up with the first CFC, both led to hugely negative effects on the environment An Ecological Ethic -we are part of an interdependent natural system, everything is connected, we should think of the world as an intricate bed, B&D use the example of a cutting down a tree and its repercussions -respect for all life -human power and responsibility, we as humans have incredible power and are capable of destroying the planet -stewardship, we are stewards/care takers of the planet Time, Sacrifice, and Posterity -time horizons, the greens believe we need to think in a much longer time horizon, we need to change political and economic structures if we’re going to do that -we sacrifice now, others benefit later -the impossibility of reciprocity, each of us pays a certain cost, with long time horizons reciprocity is gone, we have an obligation to future generations Collective Action Problems -private goods ( can be divided and distributed), public goods( provided to everyone, undividable, such as clean air -we need environmental collective action, there is an incentive to free ride
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Greens and Islam - Tuesday, December 02, 2008 Greens,...

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