march 3rd lecture

march 3rd lecture - Commons currently has 308 seats Terms...

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009 Finish “The Prime Minister” then on to the “House of Commons: Examples of the P.M.’s expanding power: 1) Party leader 2) Sole selection by G.G. 3) Political staff and entourage 4) Presidentialization of P.M : borrowed this term from the Americans to describe hoe the perception of the PM has changed over time “the PM is elected to direct monarchial powers.” Parliament Legislature constrains the executive Bicameral legislative branch Two houses must work together to pass legislation; the two houses work together Equal except for money bills, in every aspect the two houses are equal other than here, they have to be introduced into the house House of Commons Basis of representative democracy Based on representation by population; basically that areas that have population have seats, and if areas don’t have the population have fewer seats, the members of the HOC do not act collectively together to represent a certain area like a province
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Unformatted text preview: Commons currently has 308 seats Terms Legislature: place Legislator: person Legislation: bills/laws MP = member of parliament Common Myths: 1. Legislatures legislate, not really the case, MPs rarely initiate bills, this is the executives roles 2. Legislation created through partnership and cooperation among all parties, not really, laws emerge from the clash of ideas, a competitive process 3. Legislators are disinterested, present all the people and serve the general good. Not really, they represent specific groups and interests, a competitive process Core Principles: 1. Commons is the peoples house. 2. Speaker presides, the leader of the HOC is the speaker, not the PM, the house cannot proceed if the speaker is not there 3. Free and civil discourse Tuesday, March 03, 2009 4. Governments from on the floor of commons 5. Balance between exec business and opposition scrutiny...
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march 3rd lecture - Commons currently has 308 seats Terms...

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