Distribution of Property part 3

Distribution of Property part 3 - Tuesday, October 21, 2008...

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008 Distribution of Property Markets… A) Oversupply goods with positive externalities B) Undersupply goods with negative externalities C) Both A and B D) Neither A nor B Rawls on Justice, Part Two Rawls: The Story so Far -choosing principles of justice, he is focusing on the bigger picture -for a basic structure of society, were talking about the whole society -Rawls says he is giving a hypothetical contract agreement, original position and veil of ignorance -he calls the theory impartiality: “justice as fairness” What POPs (people in the original position) Know -you know you’re in the circumstances of justice -we are not in the case of extreme scarcity and nor abundance, we are between -moderate self interest, there is nothing important about being a certain person, everyone get their fair share What Else do the POPs Know -have a sense of justice, basically a sense that everyone has saying that everyone is morally equal, you develop as you become a mature person -have a conception of the good, a view of what gives value to their life, a view of what kind of lives are worth pursuing -they also know that when the veil is lifted they are going to be faces with the choices of principals in which they will live -thin theory of the good: they want primary goods (any rational person would want these goods, rights,
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Distribution of Property part 3 - Tuesday, October 21, 2008...

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