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BILD 2 1 Name KEY ______ Winter Quarter, 2008 BILD 2 FINAL EXAM KEY Winter Quarter, 2008 ___Cat__ ____ 1. (10 points) Please write your name on all 9 pages. ___Sonya_ ___ 2. (10 points) Answer only the questions asked. ___Alan _____ 3. (10 points) Answer each question in the space provided, ___Marissa_ _ 4. (10 points) but provide all the detail possible. ___Alison_ __ 5. (20 points) ___Alison_ __ 6. (15 points) ___Aimee_ __ 7. (20 points) ___Ashely_ __ 8. (15 points) ___Nhan_ ___ 9. (15 points) ___Nhan ____ 10. (20 points) TOTAL POINTS ON FINAL EXAM _________ ___Sonya ___ 11. (15 points) ___Danny ___ 12. (15 points) TOTAL POINTS IN COURSE _________ ___Marissa __ 13. (15 points) ___Danny ___ 14. (10 points) ___Lydia_ ___ 15. (20 points) ___Alan_ ____ 16. (15 points) COURSE GRADE _________ ___Cat ______ 17. (15 points) ___Lydia ____ 18. (15 points) ___Ashley_ __ 19. (10 points) ___Sarah_ ___ 20. (15 points) ___Sarah_ ___ 21. (10 points) GRADES Mean of the top 5%: 421 (300 points total) A-/A/A+ 350/360/420 B-/B/B+ 280/290/330 C-/C/C+ 200/220/260 D’s 170 Overall Mean: 288 (Top Score: 439) Exam Pickup: If you signed the waiver, your exam will be in a box across from the elevator on 3 rd floor of Pacific Hall. Otherwise it will be available from the secretary Kathleen McPherson in 3140B Pacific Hall, 1-3 pm, weekdays.
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BILD 2 2 Name KEY ______ Winter Quarter, 2008 1. (10 points) What is a Counter Current Multiplier and how is it different from a Counter Current Exchanger? (use diagrams or examples, if you like) Counter Current Exchanger: Two sets of tubes (or layers) arranged in parallel with opposite direction of flow to encourage maximal transfer between the two sets (e.g. gills transfering oxygen from water to blood). Counter Current Multiplier: The two tubes are connected to form a loop (“u-tube”), and energy- dependent processes are used to concentrate something locally (e.g. Loop of Henle in kidney concentrating salt). 2. (10 points) How are we able to generate so many different kinds of antibodies ( 20 billion)? Diagram the genetic events. Genetic rearrangements in B cells selecting different V (variable) and J (joining or hypervariable) regions to couple to a given C (constant region), forming a competent gene to encode one version of either heavy or light chain. (Different gene for the other chain). A limited number of V’s and J’s can therefore provide a large number of options (limited essentially by the multiplican, i.e. the number of V’s times the number of J’s). (This genetic rearrangement is irreversible for the B cell; once committed, that’s what it expresses.) 3. (10 points) (a) Where do immunological T cells originate; where do they mature? (a) Bone marrow; (b) Thymus
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Bio2W08FinalExamKEYWass - BILD 2 Winter Quarter 2008 1 Name...

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