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m5l2 - UGBA 10 Module 5 Lecture 2 Module 5 Overview •...

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Unformatted text preview: UGBA 10 Module 5 Lecture 2 April 25, 2008 Module 5: Overview • Strategy ✓Introduction to Strategy • More Strategy • Game Theory • Applying Game Theory • International Business • Entrepreneurship 5+2 Forces Model ✓Rivalry ✓Suppliers Complements ✓Entrants Your Firm ✓Substitutes Customers Government Analysis for the Mac Customers • Home • Academia • Industry Common Issues Pluses Minuses Home (personal) Pluses Minuses Industry Pluses Minuses What Suggests for Strategy? What Suggests for Strategy? Complements • Software • Peripherals ✓iTunes, etc. • Network effects Chicken and Egg Network Effects Mac users Mac users Mac users Government • Government antitrust action vis­à­vis Microsoft • Trade policy • Sales to schools • Protection of IP Tools for Thinking Strategical Strategical ly ✓SWOT ✓5+2 Forces AURA Game Theory Consider a resource or capability Advantage? Yes Not very How unique? Very Able to exploit? Yes Competitive parity Replicable? No Yes No Weakness No Possible weakness weakness AUR A FIX TO NEXT SLIDE TO NEXT SLIDE Replicable? No Yes Able to exploit? Yes Strength Short-run advantage No Missed opportunity Fix Able to Able exploit? Yes No Missed opportunity Strength Long-run advantage FIX Exploit in design of strategy AURA for the iPhone Advantages Uniqueness Replicability Ability Overall Apple Strategy Judo Strate gy How Microsoft Seeks not to be Thrown Today’s takeaways 5+2 Forces Analysis Consumers Complements Government AURA Judo strategy Next … GAME THEORY ...
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