Mike's UGBA Paper 5 - Michael Chang 19379082/Section 101...

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Michael Chang 19379082/Section 101 Before entering the unique US market, S must analyze many key strategic differences with operating in the US and make sure it properly considers and adjusts for the multiple barriers of entry. Primary issues it must consider include the consumers, the competition, and its own company culture. However, without taking secondary variables such as suppliers, regulations, and the macroeconomic situation into account, S will not be successful. S must first whether the specific US population is a market that is attractive in terms of consumers. For example, US customers may have differences in tastes, culture, and lifestyle that need to be addressed, but S may want to emphasize its distinctive, authentic international flavor. Given the much larger size of the market, S must consider whether it wants to maintain its current market segment or attack a different target such as the steadily growing aging population segment to ensure profitability. It also needs to determine the location of its customers: S must construct much more physical infrastructure to properly distribute its products and make them easily accessible, a factor that is extremely important with the advent of skyrocketing gas prices
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Mike's UGBA Paper 5 - Michael Chang 19379082/Section 101...

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