UGBA notes 4-29

UGBA notes 4-29 - Your summer job nds you in Sweden,...

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Your summer job fnds you in Sweden, working For S, a large retailing chain specializing in modern Furniture and Furnishings (an example oF the Furniture is shown on the right). S is considering entering the US market (currently it operates only in Scandinavia). As someone with American experience, the company’s CEO asks you to produce a two-page briefng memo For her on the pros and cons oF entering the US market. In the briefng, she would like an assessment oF the key strategic issues that would Face S iF it entered the US market. What are some steps that S should take to ensure proftability? How, iF at all, should the Fact that S will be operating overseas aFFect its actions? Bulk oF paper: dedicated to questions I may be asking Show that I understand the types oF questions that I would need to go out and research Consumer demand/buyers : -ice cream preFerences -pricing -location oF customers where to place sotres? -consumption patterns -age groups? -cultural Factors/social-economic division -GDP/income -disposable income -population -dietary concerns -consumption habits competition : -other companies? -types oF ice cream companies? -price/luxury vs. aFFordable -established/brand name -partnership opportunities? -how are competitors doing? -substitutes (sorbet, popsicles) -where do consumers buy? (identiFy who your competitors are?) -marketing strategy (aggressive?) regulation -import tariFFs/laws: supplies/equipment, products/ingredients -health regulations (Food product)
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-immigration regulations (workers) -wage regulations -tax structure -import of finished goods -export (finished goods) product/company
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UGBA notes 4-29 - Your summer job nds you in Sweden,...

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