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Discussion 4-8 - Paper Advice • Anwser all parts of the...

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Worst Interview Question What animal would you be and why? o Not good has no predictive power Why should you get a job over your fraternity brothers? Teach me something that I don’t know how to do? What’s your greatest weakness o Very bad question think of a skill you don’t have, such as learning a new language Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Art Curator Question for interviewer: Is it relaxing or uptight? Heirarichal or not Don’t’ ask questions that could be answered with just a bit of research
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Unformatted text preview: Paper Advice • Anwser all parts of the question (lots not discussed in class but in handout) • KSAs must be connected to each other (you0-KSAs-jobs) • Consider what are predictors vs. non0predictor (what is #1 nonpredictor?) o Motivation (#1 nonpredictor) • What would you like to know about the organization? Why? • Pick jobs that’ are reliastic (no sex, violence, use good judgment) • Can write in 1 st person...
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