UGBA Paper 4 - Michael Chang 19379082/Section 101 Any...

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Michael Chang 19379082/Section 101 Any effective organization will excel at selecting the right candidates for the right positions. This selection acts as a prediction of the future of how the candidate will perform on the job. In order to do make this decision, the employer must ensure that the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) required for certain positions align with the potential employees’ KSAs, as well as determining whether the recruit fits the company culture. Using Alumwire and its “video resume” technology allows both recruiters and employees to meet virtually and explore whether or not their respective KSAs align and perhaps making the job hunting experience more efficient by ensuring that the employee and company are a great fit. Upon graduation from UC Berkeley, I would like to work at Apple Inc. as a Finance Associate. My tasks would include financial planning, operations analysis, and cash management. I would also interpret financial data while analyzing the latest developments in industrial technology, business, and finance. On my “video resume”, if I were to emphasize two of my attributes, I would highlight my affinity for working in a team environment and my strength in decision-making. In the short time that I am allotted, I would like to emphasize skills with which I can support with concrete examples. For my two points of emphasis, I could cite my work in a team setting at Cisco Systems with other college students and my experience as an Eagle Scout, respectively. In my work at Cisco, we made decisions on how to fix networking equipment at the group level in which I served both as a team member and as a leader. This kind
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UGBA Paper 4 - Michael Chang 19379082/Section 101 Any...

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