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Cost Analysis Paper 2 - Building My Own Computer With Parts...

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Unformatted text preview: Building My Own Computer With Parts Bought From the Internet Input Cost Unit/Quantity # of Units Neededof Batch otes Cost N Operating System $109.99 per unit 1 $109.99 Windows Vista Operating system Processor $71.99 per unit 1 $71.99 Intel Pentium E2160 (same as in branded desktop) Case $19.99 per unit 1 $19.99 Generic mid-tower case Hard drive $74.99 per unit 1 $74.99 320 GB hard drive with same speed/interface Ram $53.99 per unit 1 $53.99 Same amount as in premade desktop motherboard (integrateder unit $29.99 p graphics 1 $29.99 Has integrated graphics like premade desktop DVD burner $22.99 per unit 1 $22.99 Flash Media$13.99 per unit Reader 1 $13.99 power supply $12.99 per unit 1 $12.99 Keyboard/mouse $10.24 per unit 1 $10.24 also included in premade desktop Time Spent putting the er hour together $25.00 4 hours spent in putting components together, installing software, etc $5.00 p computer 5 Time spent researching er hour websites for best price 5 minutes spent looking at online retailers for best price $10.00 p various 0.25 $2.50 1 Time spent waiting forper day arrive $5.00 parts to 3 $15.00 3 day shipping Cost of Internet Access month 0.03 $40.00 per $1.33 Tax of total $30.53 8.25% of price of components Shipping $34.83 3 day shipping Mail in Rebate for RAM unit ($20.00) per ($20.00) Mail in rebate for RAM Total: $510.34 prices from Buying a Branded Desktop Input Cost Unit/Quantity # of Units Neededof Batch otes Cost N Compaq E2160 Desktop $459.99 per computer 1 $459.99 Cheap, basic computer under $500 sold at Best Buy Gas $3.00 per gallon 2 $6.00 Driving about 25 miles in total Time spent going to theer hour back $10.00 p store and 0.5 $5.00 Store is about 15 minutes away Time spent waiting in per hour $15.00 line 0.25 $3.75 15 minutes spent in line Time spent looking at per hour $10.00 print ads 0.25 $2.50 15 minutes spent looking at print ads for best price Tax of total $37.95 8.25% of price of computer Total: $515.19 Costs of Time Spent On Various Tasks Price/Quantity Enjoyable $5/hour Neutral $10/hour Not Enjoyable $15/hour her, installing software, etc rs for best price ...
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