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discussion notes 2-12

discussion notes 2-12 - o E.g my target is teenagers vs my...

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Discussion Notes Essays Answer the specific question asked and be thorough o Why people do or don’t visit the U.S. vs. is campaign effective? o Why your slogan is more effective than others vs. why a slogan in general is/is not effective o Omitted target consumer o Behaviors (will smile vs. visiting more places ) Be specific and definitive o Clearly define who target is, don’t just generalize o Don’t use “should” but “will” Give your opinion and justify
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Unformatted text preview: o E.g. my target is teenagers vs. my target is teenagers because… • Format/Grammar o 2 page limit (see website for paper specifics) o Grammar and clear writing are really important • Need MY justification, not just examples from other countries o E.g. teenagers are using transportation more (market to them, etc.) o Justify everything (backing up all statements I make) • Citation is not a big deal Exam 1...
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