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Quality control Key concept: Make Vs. Buy Software licensing or go with someone already been made within their family Outsource vs. non outsource American Express Blue Card o Little antenna/chip for automated payments What components are made internally, what parts are outsourced Plastic part, chip part are all separately outsourced Number stuff is done by American Express American Express doesn’t actually do any manufacturing Cost analysis: o Make more sense to make it yourself or outsource it Make a Pancake Breakfast o Making Pancakes Assumptions: 4 adult people 3 pancakes each can walk to grocery store Cost Components: Pancake mix o Doing it a diner Bette’s: One servivng of pancakes $5.50
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Unformatted text preview: Have to drive 5 miles to Bette’s o • Rules for Paper o Assumption: if buying stuff one time don’t want to store, use all cost o Would I change my current habits Both ways Valuation of time o Be creative with “make vs. buy” activity (somewhere in between dry cleaning/ laundering and making your own paper); meals not recommended either! o Pay attention to all parts of the question Selecting an activity Calculate the full cost (time, physical inpurts, existing inputs) Is exercise worthwhile (other factors to consider, accuracy, enlightening etc…) –BE ANALYTICAL Activities you will pay to have done? o Include appendix of calculations IDEAS...
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