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Notes 2-26 - need to be any changes in public policy Hire...

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Notes for 2-26: Working “Upside Down” – Time Shifting in the Global Economy o What would work be like if you were permanently on the night shift? o How would this affect your social life and impact your family? Easier to raise family? Single parent doing this may be beneficial, but when it is the standard for everyone in the workforce, may be different Ability to go to bars Difficulty seeing company If friends are working in similar industries, they could be on the same schedule increase in crime (target/nature/timing) dating (reduces pool) types of interaction (email/internet) o What effects might you see on the community of Berkeley and would there
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Unformatted text preview: need to be any changes in public policy? Hire childcare Health concerns • Increase in illness/weight concerns Fewer resources for outreach Education • Difficult to take classes Bars and clubs changing hours Noise ordinances changes More cross cultural awareness requires adjustment Changes to store hours Affects “schedule” Transportation Increase in work force @ night for all industries • E.g. convenience stores Shift in timing for parties and meetings New languages Change to education hours (school) Webcast classes Restaurants, movie theaters...
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