Research 2-12 - DiscussionTopicforWeek3:

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Discussion Topic for Week 3: Working “Upside Down”—Time-shifting in the Global Economy Several reader articles [ ® 227, 201 and 203] describe the outsourcing of many service functions to India, a country with well-educated, English speaking workers but an under- developed domestic economy. Since India is on the other side of the globe, while young Indian college graduates are happy to have well-paying jobs, they find themselves working “upside down”: Going to work when everyone else is going to sleep and getting off work just as the sun rises. As a thought experiment, imagine what it would be like if the situation were reversed: India has all the money and the world’s dominant economy. Here at Cal, we are well-educated but graduate to find that the only available jobs involve working long-distance for Indian companies. What would work be like if you were permanently on the night shift?
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Research 2-12 - DiscussionTopicforWeek3:

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