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Discussion Topic for Week 3: Raincheck on Aisle 4 Although the Wii gaming console was launched by Nintendo in December, 2006, by the holiday selling season of 2007 retailers were still unable to stock sufficient units to meet demand. According to online press reports, G AME S TOP offered to sell parents a “rain check” consisting of an empty Wii box and the retailer’s promise to deliver the actual console some time before the end of January, 2008. From a marketing perspective, was this a good idea? Yes, it was o Better than the alternative (the customers not getting anything at all) To prepare for this discussion topic, you can look around on the Internet and read
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Unformatted text preview: newspaper accounts of this proposal. Then, think about the various constituencies (different groups of people) who might be affected by the plan. Then test the empty box scheme against the principles of “delighting customers” taught in this module. Think carefully about what “good” means when you are asked whether this is a “good” idea” and think about “good for whom?” Various constituencies who might be affected by the plan. • People who had reserved the console • People who needed to buy it as Christmas game urgently Whjat does “good mean” • It’s a good idea for Gamestop (don’t lose tons of business, at least SOME value)...
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