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Chang, Michael 19379082/Section 101 Paper Topic National Tourism Marketing Campaigns In the last few years countries around the world have adopted marketing campaigns to encourage tourism. As part of these initiatives, nations have come up with advertising slogans such as “Taiwan—Touch Your Heart” and “Korea—Sparkling!” while Australia designed a controversial “break through” approach [® 97, and you can read more about brand development at ® 119]. In this paper, you are to propose a new advertising slogan for the United States . I’m inclined to propose: “America—Amazing Deficits!” but you can probably come up with something better than that. Note that the good part of the shrinking dollar is that travel within the US has become a bargain for people who earn their money in non-dollar denominated currencies. Explain how your slogan would be used in a campaign, who you intend to target and what behavior you would expect to see from this group of customers. Lastly, discuss whether the whole process is worthwhile or, as one commentator noted in dismissing “Uniquely Singapore” as essentially meaningless, or is your judgment that advertising is unlikely to change a country’s tourism numbers? Style: It is important to learn to express complex arguments concisely. Business Week and The Wall Street Journal are appropriate style guides. Your GSI will give you additional information on writing in our style. Sources: There is no need to footnote or endnote papers handed out with the module syllabus,
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UGBA Paper 1 info - Chang, Michael 19379082/Section 101...

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