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Earthquakes Spring 08 Test 1 Page 7

Earthquakes Spring 08 Test 1 Page 7 - 37 The great 1960...

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Unformatted text preview: 37. The great 1960 Chile earthquake (Ni 9.5) unleashed a tsunami that killed over 1,000 Chileans. These waves also killed 61 people in Hilo, Hawaii, 14 hours after the earthquake, and another 185 people in 22.5 hours after the earthquake. 9 A. Japan D. the Philippines B. Alaska E. Australia C. California 38. The inner core is a 2450-km diameter mass with temperatures up to 4300°C (7770013). A. solid B. liquid C. gaseous 39. Steno's states that sediment layers are continuous, ending only by butting up against a topographic high, such as a hill or a cliff, by pinching out due to lack of sediment, or by gradational change fiom one sediment type to another. A. law of original horizontality B. law of cosines C. None of these are correct. D. law of original continuity E. law of superposition 40. Key pieces of evidence that imply the Earth is as old as 4.6 billion years old are A. all of the above B. the radiometric ages of the oldest rocks on Earth C. the radiometric ages of the oldest known minerals on Earth D. A and C E. the radiometric ages of the meteorites and rocks on the Moon 41. Earthquake-related tsunami are created by sub—sea fault movements with pronounced vertical offsets of the sea floor. Such movements occur most commonly along A. hotspot island chains B. seafloor spreading centers C. oceanic transform faults D. subduction zones E. continental rift zones 42. The Earth is divided into layers that differ in composition and density. What is the proper sequence fiom least dense to most dense? A. crust — core — mantle B. mantle - core — crust C. crust — mantle —eore D. core — mantle -crust ...
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