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Earthquakes Spring 08 Test 2 Page 2

Earthquakes Spring 08 Test 2 Page 2 - 5 When is the best...

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Unformatted text preview: 5. When is the best time for an earthquake to occur in California to minimize loss of life? A. in the middle of the day when people are in school or working B. during the night, when most people are home and asleep C. It does not matter what time of day it occurs. D. during rush hour when people are not in buildings 6. A genuine success story of advance warning before a large eruption occurred in the Philippines in 1991 before the climactic eruption of A. Popocatepetyl D. Mt. Pinatubo B. Nevado Del Ruiz E. Mont Pelee C. Mt. Mayon 7. in the Aegean Sea underwent an explosive series of eruptions around 1628 B. C. E. that buried the Bronze Age city of Akrotiri on There to depths of 70 meters. A. Stromboli D. Santorini B. Krakatoa E. Mt. Pele’e C. Vesuvius 8. Active volcanoes today in Oregon and Washington, including Mt. St. Helens, result from A.. spreading of the Juan de Fuca ridge B. the subduction of the Juan de Fuca plate beneath North America C. heat generated by friction on the San Andreas Fault D. the subduction of the Pacific plate beneath North America. E. None of these are correct. 9. The three Vs of volcanology are A. volatiles, volume, variability B. viscosity, volatiles, velocity C. volatiles, velocity, variability D. viscosity, velocity, volume E. viscosity, volatiles, volume 10. The Saint Lawrence River valley earthquakes at the Charlevoix region are related to A. an ancient rift valley. B. a rift valley and a meteorite impact site. C. movement magma in a shallow chamber. D. the site of a large meteorite impact. E. a subduction zone. 11. The viscosity of magma is increased by A. decreasing temperature B. decreasing crystal content C. decreasing SiOz content D. All of the choices are correct E. None of the choices are correct. ...
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