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Earthquakes Spring 08 Test 2 Page 9

Earthquakes Spring 08 Test 2 Page 9 - 54 The Great Basin...

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Unformatted text preview: 54. The Great Basin region between the eastern Sierra Nevada in California and the Wasatch Mountains in Utah in response to plate tectonic forces. A. None of these are correct. B. has been compressed in an east—west direction C. has expanded in an east—west direction D. has expanded in a north-south direction E. has been compressed in a north-south direction 55. The greatest amount of damage associated with the 1906 San Francisco earthquake was related to A. ground subsidence D. landslides B. the collapse of buildings E. fires C. tsunami 56. Constraining bends in large strike-slip faults commonly "lock up"; thus, movements there tend to be A. infrequent and small B. infrequent and large, and frequent and small are correct C. tensional and mostly vertical D. infrequent and large B. frequent and small 57. are steep—sided, symmetrical volcanic peaks built of alternating layers of pyroclastic debris capped by hi gh—viscosity andesitic to rhyolitic lava flows that solidify to form protective caps. A. Stratovolcanoes C. Shield volcanoes B. Calderas _ D. Scoria cones 58. Several geologic phenomena are being studied as signs of an impending volcanic eruption. These include seismic waves, , and the release of gases. A. human anxiety D. unusual animal behavior B. flash floods E. ground deformation C. landslides 59. In the 1989 Lorna Prieta quake, the Marina District building collapses were extensive, and numerous destructive fires broke out, due to all but which one of the following? A. unusually long earthquake duration B. amplified shaking C. soft first-story construction that led to building collapses D. deformation and liquefaction of artificial-fill foundations 60. A shield volcano has a great A. amount of pumice B. .width compared to its height C. proportion of pyroclastic material, compared with lava flows D. height compared to its width ...
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