8-Outline Parasites

8-Outline Parasites - BSCI106 Dr. Sara Via Outline 8...

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BSCI106 Outline 8 Fall 2008 p.1 Dr. Sara Via Parasite Ecology and Evolution What is parasitism? s Like other forms of consumption, parasitism is a +/- interaction b Parasite benefits at host’s expense b Unlike predation, parasite doesn’t kill host Parasites b Depend on host to complete life cycle b Often have complex life cycles with “intermediate hosts” b Often are specialized to one or a few hosts Parasitism - Examples s Mistletoe b Extracts nutrients and water from host plant s Cuckoos b Brood parasites on other birds b Trick birds of other species into raising their young b May eject one egg Cuckoo chicks usually kill other chicks in nest. b Mom keeps feeding huge cuckoo chick s Parasitoid wasps b Lay eggs on larvae of other insects b Eggs hatch and devour host b Used for biological control Why is parasitism interesting? s Some amazing modifications for parasite lifestyle s An example of the Red Queen hypothesis- need to run just to Stay in the same place b Parasites evolve better ways to exploit host b Host evolves defense against new parasite tricks “evolutionary arms race”== coevolution A highly specialized life style b Often show complex life cycles with several hosts, Very specific adaptations
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8-Outline Parasites - BSCI106 Dr. Sara Via Outline 8...

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