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Outline 16- Genetics I

Outline 16- Genetics I - BSCI 106 Dr Sara Via OUTLINE 16...

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BSCI 106 OUTLINE 16 Fall 2008 Dr. Sara Via Genetics I Darwin knew that evolution requires Variation in phenotype Differential survival or fecundity of phenotypes Inheritance of successful phenotypes Darwin DID NOT know how the inheritance of phenotype worked Common idea: blending inheritance But blending would eventually eradicate variation! What is transmission genetics? How are genes transmitted Between dividing cells (mitosis) From parent to offspring (meiosis) Determines inheritance of traits pattern of genetic variation in populations This genetic variation is the raw material for evolution! Key Terminology (p. 246)—YOU MUST KNOW THIS!! Chromosome: piece of DNA along which genes are located Homologous chromosome (homolog): one of the two copies of each chromosome in a diploid cell Chromatid – one piece of DNA, one chromosome Sister Chromatids – replicated copies of given homolog
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