OutlineDarwins dangerous idea

OutlineDarwins dangerous idea - BSCI 106 Dr. Sara Via...

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BSCI 106 Outline 13 Fall 2008, p. 1 Dr. Sara Via Discovering the Law of Natural Selection From about 400 BC - 1800, the Earth was viewed as static and unchanging. Aristotle - Ladder of Life Progression of fixed forms, with humans as the final product Idea of progress becomes embedded in evolution In 1800’s, a surge of scientific exploration and natural history inconsistencies with static view get scientists wondering -Jean-Baptise Lamarck - organisms appear to change over generations -Geologist Charles Lyell published a very controversial book on uniformitarianism =All of Earth’s geological features can be explained by processes still acting. But processes like wind, water, earthquakes, volcanos act very slowly, so if they shaped the Earth, it must have taken an extremely long time. OOP. Earth thought to be only 4004 years old (calculated from Biblical generations)…. Georges Cuvier- studied fossils - Saw layers of simple forms beneath more complex ones - Became convinced of extinction - Obviously in conflict with the story of creation in the Bible (all forms present at the beginning, and continuing unchanging). - Cuvier proposed a series of catastrophes, after which there was a new Creation. The restless 1800’s Organisms changing through time? If wind, water and earthquakes have shaped the world’s surface, then it must be much older than 4004 yrs. old! Extinctions? Additional creations??? Inconsistencies start to pile up Enter Charles Darwin Reluctant revolutionary Failed pre-med Spent most of college collecting beetles, a persistent and careful naturalist Got an offer to go as Naturalist on a long voyage to map coast of S. America
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OutlineDarwins dangerous idea - BSCI 106 Dr. Sara Via...

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