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Quiz 4_2008 - Quiz 4 1 A ,comparedwiththe B C xD.Theyarere

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Quiz 4 1. Why are some traits considered vestigial? A. They improve the fitness of an individual who bears them, compared with the fitness of individuals without those traits. B. They change in response to environmental influences. C. They existed a long time in the past. xD. They are reduced in size, complexity, and function compared with traits in related species. 2. What is an adaptation? xA.a trait that improves the survival or reproduction of its bearer in a particular environment, compared to individuals in the same population without the trait B. a trait that changes in response to environmental influences within the individual’s lifetime C. an ancestral trait—one that was modified to form the trait observed today D. a trait that is reduced in size or complexity but increases the fitness of its bearer 3. Why are homologous traits similar? xA.They are derived from a common ancestor. B. They are derived from different ancestors. C. They result from convergent evolution.
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Quiz 4_2008 - Quiz 4 1 A ,comparedwiththe B C xD.Theyarere

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