Exam #1 Lec.+Rec. Review

Exam #1 Lec.+Rec. Review - Scott Howland Exam#1 Lecture and...

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Scott Howland Exam #1 Lecture and Recitation Review Lecture Review: Hans Strupp’s Model of Mental Health Definition of a Disorder o 3Ds of disorder (Dysfunction, Distress, Disability) DSM-IV Multiaxial System o Axis 1 – Clinical Disorders (if no subcategory write NOS) o Axis 2 – Personality Disorders/Mental Retardation (if no test run write “Deferred”) o Axis 3 – General Medical Conditions/Diagnosis (no symptoms) o Axis 4 – Global Assessment of Functioning Self-Defeating Personality Disorder o Chooses people and situation that lead to disappointment or failure o Rejects or renders ineffective attempts of others to help. o Following positive events responds with depression or behavior that produces pain o Is uninterested in people who treat him or her well Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMS) o Marked affective lability (suddenly feeling sad, irritable, or angry) o Persistent anger or irritability o Marked tension – feelings of being on edge o Markedly depressed mood o Sense of being overwhelmed or out of control. o Decreased interest in usual activities. o About 10days before menstruation, goes away very quickly after. Evolution of Freud’s ideas o Anton Mesmer Aligned people’s magnetic energy (worked). Group healings. Used metal rods in ground to get earth’s magnetic field/energy. o Josef Breuer Roommates with Freud Hypnotized people Brought up old memories from a girl patient (Anne O.) After this, cured her vision symptoms Certain memories, cured certain symptoms
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o Anne O. Treated by Breuer and at the end didn’t really like his methods. Concepts of the first period (1885-1900) o Abreaction (type of catharsis) Memories helps cure people’s symptoms o Free association Whatever comes to your mind, say it. Follow the path of thinking
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Exam #1 Lec.+Rec. Review - Scott Howland Exam#1 Lecture and...

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