MGA311 hw#2 - symbol 2 represents source document or report...

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Hui Wang ID#34912782 HW#2 Problem 1 Transaction Cycle Identification Cycles Subsystem A .Expenditure cycles payroll B. Conversion production planning C. Revenue cash receipts D. Revenue sales order processing E. Expenditure purchasing/Accounts payable F. Conversion Production planning and control cost accounting Problem 2 a. customer legers master file b. purchase orders transaction file c. list of authorized vendors reference file d. records related to prior pay periods archive file e. vendor ledgers master file f. hours each employee has worked during the current pay period reference file g. tax tables reference file h. sales orders that have been processed and record transaction file Problem 3 Problem 7 a. symbol 1 represents terminal showing source document or report
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Unformatted text preview: symbol 2 represents source document or report b. Symbol 3 and 4 depict Data input terminal then turn into computer process like date input and edit program. c. Symbol 6 is like sale order and turn into symbol 8 which is picks and goods ready to ship ,symbol 9 is file for storing source documents and reports. Problem 10 Symbol 1 Entity Name represents input source or output destination of data Symbol 2 “N” process description represents a process that is triggered or supported by date. Symbol 3 Date Store Name a store of data such as a transaction file, a master file, or a reference file. Symbol4 arrow direction of data flow...
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MGA311 hw#2 - symbol 2 represents source document or report...

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