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Unformatted text preview: WELCOME WELCOME FEDERAL WORK-STUDY ORIENTATION Ms. Millicent Grant Financial Aid Office: 1306 James Hall Telephone: (718) 951-5816 Mr. Bruce C. Neimeyer, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Services Mr. Sherwood Johnson, Director of Financial Aid Work-Study Orientation Work Welcome to the On-line Federal Work-Study Welcome Study (FWS) Orientation! (FWS) Please be advised that students will be required to complete the orientation review questions and bring a printout of the document with your answers to the Financial Aid Office in 1308 James Hall at the time of your appointment. the You can access the orientation review You questions online by clicking here. here Turn off all cell phones! Turn Please turn off all cell phones during the orientation. Thank you! orientation. Federal Work-Study Staff Federal Payroll Assistants: Ms. Lorraine Ploughwright Program Assistants: Ms. Veronica Felicano, Ms. Yueer Zeng, Ms. Mr. Jason Jagdeo, Ms. Elly Elly, Ms. Stacyann Novitsky, Ms. Ana Rodriguez, and Ms. Atifa Alieva Ms. FWS: Program Mission FWS: The Federal Work-Study Program is unique in that it accomplishes several functions. It serves as a source of financial assistance It offers a training ground where students can work and gain valuable experience It encourages students to participate in community service based organizations It provides students an opportunity to participate in the Family Literacy Program (formerly America Reads Program). How Does A Student Receive A Work-Study Award? Work File the current academic year Free Application for Federal Student Aid Form (FAFSA) (FAFSA) Indicate on FAFSA that you want to apply for Federal Work-Study (FWS) for Meet Federal and CUNY eligibility criteria Meet Eligible students receive an award letter by mail stating the award amount and placement information placement On-Campus On Administrative Offices Offices Academic Departments Departments Art Studios/Galleries Studios/Galleries Childcare Center Childcare Library Library Computer Labs Computer Language Labs Language Science Labs Science Tutorial Centers Tutorial Special Programs Special These are only some of the possibilities. Closely review all The listings at the end of the orientation to select the position best lis st suited for you and arrange for an interview. suited Off-Campus: New York City Off Campus: Public Service Corps (PSC) Public PSC provides students with opportunities to: PSC – – – serve their communities build occupational skills learn about careers in the public sector PSC sites are various New York City agencies. agencies. Off-Campus: The After Off Campus: School Corporation (TASC) School Students may interview with affiliated after school site supervisors school These positions offer students an opportunity to help school children with academic and recreational activities recreational Positions are available in various neighborhoods in different boroughs neighborhoods Off-Campus: Not For Profit Agencies Off Campus: & For Profit Agencies Agencies have affiliated with CUNY and offer a variety of work experience and opportunities. Some agencies are: Some CUNY Central Office Jumpstart Downstate Medical Center Police Athletic League (PAL) Police Educational Alliance Educational Brooklyn Children’s Museum West Side Montessori School West FWS Placement Procedures FWS Methodically review available FWS job listings listings Select positions which interest you and you meet the qualifications stipulated you Contact supervisor(s) to verify position is still available is Arrange for an interview Arrange FWS Placement Procedures (continued) (continued) On-campus: students do not need a Federal WorkOn Study Contract when going for the initial interview Off-campus: students should take a Federal WorkOff Study Contract with them to the interview Public Service Corps: students must complete and submit an application to the PSC Office submit The After School Corporation: students must complete the required referral form prior to meeting with a TASC site supervisor Interviewing Tips Interviewing Bring your current resume and have a positive attitude positive Have a pen and pad ready to take any notes Have Dress appropriately Dress Be clear about what skills you have to offer Be Know what times you are available to work Know Interviewing Tips (Continued) (Continued) Ask about training opportunities Ask Clarify who will supervise you and what job responsibilities you will be assigned responsibilities Be certain to write down the following: – name of your interviewer – all supervisors – job location – agreed upon work schedule agreed – the time to return with the FWS Contract Obtaining a Contract Before Working On-Campus On After interviewing and accepting 1 position: – Be certain to have an appointment to obtain a work-study study contract contract At the time of your appointment go to the Financial Aid Office –1308 James Hall – Bring your validated B.C. I.D. Card – Bring the packet distributed to you at this FWS Bring Orientation: Placement Card, W-4 Form, Orientation: IT-2104 or IT-2104 E, Fact Sheet, I-9 Form and required Form supporting documents supporting – Have a pen – Have the name of the supervisor and the job site where Have you have agreed to work you Be certain to notify other supervisors that you met with that you have accepted another position with The Next Step The Return to the job site at the time agreed upon during the interview interview Have all supervisors sign the FWS Contract Have Have supervisor complete: Have – I-9 Form and make copies of the required documents Form – Return to the Financial Aid Office with the signed White Copy of the FWS Contract, the Original I-9 Form signed and copies of the Form required supporting documents COPIES MUST BE MADE BEFORE RETURNING TO THE FINANCIAL AID OFFICE FINANCIAL Placement is official once the student personally returns all required forms to the FWS Staff in 1306 James (an appointment is not required to submit the signed forms) appointment When Can I Start Work ? When The Federal Work-Study Program starts on August 29, 2005 The Study for students who submitted all the required paper work for Fall 2005 on or before Aug. 29th Fall Students who obtain their contract after August 29th will have Students contract after will a different start date different Students may not work as a FWS employee without following the procedures already discussed the After the 1st day of the program the earliest start date for After day students will be the date their contract is issued. – Placement is only complete when the student submits all Placement required forms to the FWS staff in 1308 James. required FWS Payroll Procedures FWS Sample Blank time sheet forms are mailed to the site supervisor after job placement is completed completed Students and Supervisors must follow the FWS Payroll Calendar to properly complete time sheets Sample Students must establish a work schedule which begins and ends on the hour or half hour hour FWS Payroll Procedures (continued) (continued) Sample Maximum of 20 hours per week Maximum Minimum of 6 hours per week Minimum Students must sign in each day Students Students must take a minimum ½ hour break after the 5th consecutive hour of work break DO NOT WORK IN EXCESS OF FWS AWARD DO Sample FWS Payroll Procedures FWS (continued) All changes to the time sheet must be initialed by FWS Supervisors. initialed Work performed on a holiday – Memo must be submitted by supervisor to the Memo Payroll Assistant, Ms. Ploughwright Payroll Submission of time sheets Submission – On-campus: Must be sent via inter office mail – Off-campus: Must be sent by U.S. Postal Mail campus: TIME SHEETS MAY NOT BE HAND DELIVERED TO THE OFFICE! THE Direct Deposit Direct Direct deposit is now available. Refer to instructions on the website. Refer Forms can be downloaded via the Financial Aid website. Financial Return forms to the Financial Aid Office. Office. Meet Current/Former FWS Participants Guest Panelists Guest Panelist 1 Panelist There are many benefits of participating in the Financial Aid Work-Study Program. There Among them are: – Establishing valuable networking skills – Learning how to multi-task – Learning how to meet deadlines As a result of the FWS Program, I was able to obtain a summer internship through the As te Public Service Corps (PSC). Public I was matched with a job that was in parallel with my one of my academic was concentrations: design and architecture. Through job placement, I was able to work in concentrations: was the Administration for Children’s Services department learning about the architecture of the bo children’s play equipment as well as the architecture of elementary and pre-schools. In children’s schools. addition to working in an office setting, I had the opportunity to go on-site and get a to site hands on experience in regards to what I was learning about in the office. Overall, it was hands he a great experience! great Tips: – Dress for success! – Punctuality is key – Always take the initiative – Be responsible – Upon the conclusion of your job - keep in touch with your co-workers and Upon workers supervisors as they can serve as valuable references for you! superviso Panelist 2 Panelist I have been doing work-study for a year now. As a have study result of my participation in the program, I have come to be more familiar with the typical work environment and it has allowed me to fully recognize my strengths. This program also gave me a chance to improve myself and acquire the skills needed for any type of profession of my interest. This opportunity gives you the foundations needed for any future endeavors to which you aspire to, a chance to progress in the areas of your interest and a great way to be more involved in your college. great Panelist 2 (continued) Panelist You have a choice, you can approach this opportunity as just a job for earning extra money, or you can use it as a tool to gain valuable experience for building your resume and a chance to develop more confidence. chance Panelist 3 Panelist As a former work-study employee, I had the opportunity as an As study undergraduate student to work off-campus at a day care undergraduate campus center in Manhattan. As an education major, the position provided me with experience in my field. As a graduate student, I worked on campus in an administrative office. In this position, I learned many skills: this – – – – Office protocol How to properly write memos and letters How to administer a program How to conduct myself as a professional. My supervisor and the work-study program prepared me well My study for my present career. for Other On-Campus Services: Other The Magner Center for Career Development & The Internships Internships 1305 James Hall Bob Oliva, Director Shelly Shapiro, Assistant Director, Internships WORKSHOPS Resume Writing Resume Interview Practice Interview Career Decision Making Career Guerilla Tactics for the Job Search Guerilla Researching for Interviews Researching Dress for Success Dress Placement Opportunities Placement Students have many options available to choose from: choose – – – – On campus Off campus New York City Public Service Corps (PSC) The After School Corporation (TASC) Note: FWS positions can be reviewed at the FWS time of your placement appointment in 1306 James Hall. 1306 Q&A Q&A Students are advised to visit the Financial Aid website for Financial for additional information – – – FWS Program FWS Direct Deposit Other Financial Aid Programs Financial Aid Website: Best wishes in your job search! 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