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Orientation Review Questions Instructions: Please bring all 3 pages with you to your placement appointment in 1308 James. 1. What is the mission of the Federal Work-Study program? a) It serves as a source of financial assistance b) It offers a training ground where students can work and gain valuable experience c) It encourages students to participate in community service based organizations d) It provides students an opportunity to participate in the Family Literacy Program e) All of the above. 2. How does a student receive a Work-Study award? a) By registering for 3 credits b) File and indicate on FAFSA that you want to apply for Federal Work-Study c) Meet Federal and CUNY eligibility criteria d) Choice a and b e) Choice b and c 3. What job site locations are available to Work-Study students? a) On campus departments and offices b) Public Service Corps (PSC) c) Off campus (CUNY approved sites) d) TASC e) Choice a and c f) All of the above 4. The methodical review of available FWS job listings is part of what procedure?
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orientation_questions - Orientation Review Questions...

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