THTR 3011 Live Performance II

THTR 3011 Live Performance II - March 21st, 2008 Theatre...

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March 21 st , 2008 Theatre 3011 Live Performance II Writing, designing, and ultimately performing the premier of a new musical is quite a chore. Many directors have spent their entire lives living out their imagination from books with little success, but the directors that have proved to do well have spent years carefully deciding on a team that will collaborate to bring a performance from a piece of paper to the big stage. The beauty of this collaboration from bound paper to a full-blown performance creates something really extraordinary about attending any premiere of a live musical. As the lights dim and the music rolls, generating the perfect opening setting can be one of the toughest challenges in every musical that’s ever been produced. It’s hard to believe that the audience is as nervous as the performers themselves, because if the show doesn’t explode in the first scene, the once enthusiastic audience tends to become uncomfortable and pessimistic from Act I and there on. There are a lot of politics may go behind the creation of any show, but I feel that for amateurs show-goers such as myself, props can really make a show as memorable it’s eleven o’clock number. On the other hand, I think the most memorable part of attending any musical is the theatre itself. Many shows can be performed at any theatre, but selecting the right theatre creates a confident and distinctive setting in itself, such as the Loft Theatre at the University of Colorado. These three essentials that I have mentioned in no particular order; the theatre, opening scene, and the props, are perhaps the most memorable elements that came to me in the production of Beneath the Surface. After arriving to the Loft Theatre, I was surprised at the packed house. The setting
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THTR 3011 Live Performance II - March 21st, 2008 Theatre...

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