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September 9, 2007 GEOG 1011 Homework 1 1.) In the article, Fred Hoyle explained that if stars imploded—creating a supernovae —they would release huge amounts of heat that would be enough to create heavier elements in the process called nucleosynthesis. According to his theory, the supernovae had enough heat to create all the new elements and spray them into the cosmos where they would form gaseous clouds. The gasses for this supernova would eventually come together into a new solar system. Most of all these gasses would go into creating the Sun and the floating material that was leftover would be joined by electrostatic forces, which eventually create planetesimals. 2.) There four aspects that have made Earth livable. First is its excellent location, meaning we are the right distance from a particular star. The Sun is hot enough to radiate enough energy, but not so big it will burn out quickly. Second, Earth is the right kind of planet with its interior with the magma swirling around beneath the crust. The lively
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