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Christina Strittmater 714173476 The motivations for human behavior have been heavily scrutinized and debated as a means of discerning whether or not there are definite patterns and identifiable causes for variation in personality and behavior among people. The documentary “21 and up” allows for retrospective study on the connections between people’s behavior as children and as adults by interviewing a group of English schoolchildren from a variety of different backgrounds at intervals of seven years. Analyzing this documentary in conjunction with my own personal experience and brief study of psychology, I conclude that there are many factors that influence the development of a person, and consequently their behavior. Because of this, I believe adult behavior cannot be accurately predicted by observing one’s behavior and attitude as a child. I don’t think behavior and attitude as children predicts our behavior and attitude as adults. There are many external factors that have the capacity to drastically influence the development
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first essay - Christina Strittmater 714173476 The...

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