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28. A Carrboro public relations firm has been hired by the local Carr Mill Mall to promote Carrboro as a destination for people looking for great shopping, cultural events and friendly people. The team working on the project develops a Web site to provide up- to-date information on events taking place in Carrboro, everything from concert to sales at the shops in the Carr Mill Mall. More specifically the web site includes: A. Photos of local residents dancing on the lawn of Weaver Street market taken by a photographer who works for the firm. B. A copy of a town report that details the growth of the tax base. C. A gallery of photographs and other works of art created by seven Carrboro artists. The art previously could be viewed elsewhere on the internet – that’s where the public relations firm found it --- but the art was not on the same Web site. Can the company legally use all the materials on the new web site? What is your legal analysis and what are your conclusions? Explain fully.
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