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3 PWSettlement - 3 Post War Settlement The Post War...

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3 Post War Settlement 1 The Post War Compromise Class, Democracy, and the Politics of Distribution I. Why class is more important in European politics than in American. A. Strength of working class organizations 1. Socialist party strength The US is the only advanced industrial democracy without a major labor or socialist party. In Europe, they are major actors everywhere, garnering 20 to 50% of the vote 2. Labor unions strength Union Strength - % of wage and salary earners organized in 1985. United States = 17% Western European average = 54% B. Historical importance of class politics What is the point of this overview? 1. It is that workers, as a class, were excluded from the electorate, from the political system as late as 1900. So it is not surprising that they identified as workers and saw themselves as collectively discriminated against. And then, when social conditions allowed, they mobilized politically, they organized as a group - first for political rights - and then for social rights. Thus, all European countries produced major working class parties.
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